Bob Mathes

Bob Mathes photo

Vice President

Bob grew up on a small farm in Central Illinois where he hunted, fished and trapped through his college years. After college he married Susan and they went on to have 5 biological children then in 2007 adopted two teenage boys from Russia. Needless to say thru the child raising time I was not able to do as much else but manage the daily chaos of raising 7 children. Currently 2 daughters are married and I have 4 grandchildren and two of my sons are in the military, one in the Army National Guard and one in the Navy and all my kids are scattered from Seattle to Boston. As my youngest son came into his teen years he had a strong interest in outdoor activities and was able to get back into the sport and can’t think of a  better way to spend time with your son. I have attended Jeramiah sportsman events on and off for the last 5 years and 2 years ago stepped into a more active role with the board because I believe in what they are doing from and outdoor type aspect and to show people the love of Christ. I have been a Deacon at Christ Church PCA in Normal for over 18 years.