Founder’s Log

Founder’s Log — July 20, 2014

It’s now been six months since I relocated to North Texas with my company State Farm and I can honestly say I don’t miss the weather. We moved in early January and therefore missed the extreme “polar vortex” condition. It’s hot here in July but I’ll take hot. One of the things I do miss, however, is Jeremiah Sportsmen and the men that work so hard to serve others through that ministry.

I sometimes wished that sportsmen all over could hear what goes on in those meetings. Sometimes it’s hard not to get selfish as plans are created for some event like a sporting clays shoot or the Family Sportsmen’s Day. We could easily plan according to our own desires since everyone loves to participate and sometimes we do – but for us the real reward and joy results from participating in the event by providing lots of hard work and sometimes sacrifices.

Over the years, I’ve watched men from Jeremiah work an event on their birthday (and even give up a birthday trip) so they could serve at the event in some capacity. For example; I’ve watched men like Quinton Koch, literally stay back from participating in an event a so as to work with three to ten youth on the shooting range during Family Sportsmen Day while all the adults head to the range for a round of sporting clays.

My six months of being gone and reading the monthly minutes from their meetings and talking to some of them via email or phone have been encouraging. God is truly at work through these men and women … And yes women – Jeremiah has a teenage female board representative along with her father on the board – and then there are the wives that support these men.

Jeremiah Sportsmen in the last six months has been planning and building for the future state of the ministry. I hear lots of really great plans. Next month will be the annual sporting clays shoot and Hog Roast (what used to be the Sportsmen’s breakfast). I’m actually coming back for that since I have to be in Bloomington for work the next week. I even have a full team and maybe two. Hopefully our team will climb out of the cellar in the standings this year. (NOTE: None of us have shot a round of clays since last’s years last place finish)

But last place doesn’t matter – it’s the fun and buddy time you have that can’t be scored! Not only with the guys on your own team but all of those around you at the shooting stations and then during the meal – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Soon, I hope to find and get involved with something similar down here in Texas – some promising prospects now on the near horizon. But I will never give-up my friendships in Central Illinois. Amazing – because it’s all due to being part of GOD’S GREAT OUTDOORS and guns of course.

Enjoying and caring for God’s creation
Jeremiah Sportsmen